Steps to becoming a social worker

The most appropriate way to learn to become social work employment is to become a volunteer. Working as a volunteer allows you to go directly to the field and know firsthand how the life of a social worker. Many social workers also have the task of managing volunteers for various types of programs. You can use this opportunity to ask directly about social work to experts. There are many opportunities to become a volunteer. You can register at various volunteer sites or ask directly to the community.

As a social worker, of course, there are some skills that you must master. For example, communication skills that include written, verbal and nonverbal communication, which include the ability to effectively record a case, sensitive listening skills, the ability to perceive body language and social cues well, the ability to make others comfortable, and also the ability to persuade and influence. In addition to good communication skills, there are several other abilities that must also be mastered by a social worker such as the ability to work under pressure, emotional resilience, empathy, and non-judgmental attitudes. You also have to have a strong motivation and desire to help people to improve their lives. The ability to analyze situations and self-awareness to solve problems is also an important thing for a social worker to have.

Having a minimum education of Diploma 4 or Bachelor Degree in Social Welfare is one of the requirements that must be met for certification testing of a social worker. So, your first step if you want to become a social worker is of course by choosing the right education. Not that you can’t become a social worker outside the department. By learning a lot and taking the required certification, you can also become a social worker. However, the relevant educational background will be an advantage when taking the certification test. Take advantage of all opportunities that will later be able to support your career as a social worker.

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