Know The Types Of AC Before You Buy One

Determining the right air conditioner for the room in your home is not an easy thing. Many factors become determinants, such as room, room location, price, type of air conditioner, etc. This time, we’d like to share with you some info regarding the types of AC, so you will be able to choose an air conditioner which suits your necessities a lot easier. In the meantime, don’t forget to contact the excellent and cheap aircon servicing in singapore whenever your AC needs to be repaired soon.

Types of AC

AC is of many types not just split systems. Here’s the explanation:

a. Split system AC

It has two sections: the indoor unit connected by a pipe and also the outdoor compressor unit. They are usually used to cool one or more rooms, or open areas, up to 60 square meters.

b. Multi-split AC

A type of split system, with one outdoor unit connected to two or more indoor units. This may be a nice trick to heat or cool several rooms which are quite near each other, and when separate systems or distributed systems are not possible due to space constraints.

c. Ducted AC

The best option for temperature control throughout a large house, this consists of a central unit that is connected by a channel to the air outlet and sensor in each room, with a control panel to regulate the target temperature and zone of the house to cool or heat. See the separate AC purchasing guide for more information.

d. Wall/window AC

This model is usually installed in an external window or wall and can cool the room and open areas up to 50 square meters. Smaller units can be connected to normal power points; larger ones may require additional cables.

We currently do not include this model in our reviews, because there are now fewer on the market because the system is split more efficiently and has become more affordable in recent years.

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