Know the Secrets of This One Land

In the field of climatology, the land has a role as a place to store water and prevent erosion. Despite the fact, the land itself also often experiences erosion. Floods and landslides have caused soil erosion or erosion of land by water. This certainly has an impact on reduced soil fertility and erosion of soil layers from the surface of the earth. Seeing the importance of the role of the land and the danger of soil damage, efforts need to be made to preserve the land. Greening can be done on lands that are not being used for farming and also critical lands caused by natural disasters and mining activities using hydroseeding. Types of plants used for greening such as pine trees, puspa, and agatis. Tree planting is done so that the soil does not become arid, increases the levels of organic matter and is very good for soil fertility. In addition, it also reduces soil damage caused by sunlight, landslides, and floods.

Agroforestry or agroforestry is one form of land preservation efforts carried out by combining between annual crops with agricultural commodity crops which are planted together or alternately. These annual plants can be trees which can reduce soil erosion. While agricultural commodities can provide a protective effect for the soil from raindrops which can also damage the soil. Planting agricultural commodities can be carried out alternately according to the planting season. For example when the dry season is planted with corn and sugarcane, if the rainy season arrives, the land will be planted with rice. Every crop of agricultural commodities requires different nutrients. If a farm is planted with only one type of plant, one nutrient will be used up. While other nutrients become unused. By applying agroforestry, the balance of nutrients in the soil will be maintained.

Adding or spraying tea compost and organic steel at the boundary of making the soil inhabited by good microbes that eat the remaining compost will produce a lot of food.

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