How to Fix Troubled Door Locks

A jammed door that can’t be opened, is certainly very disturbing. Generally, before-mentioned situations make the door of your home to convert filthy and blocked until it cannot be destroyed so you better contact emergency lockmith service islandwide. This is because the key hook’s eye cannot be removed because it has a weak handle or door handle, so it can’t pull the hook. You don’t need to use a lot of equipment to fix it, you just need to use a tool like a screwdriver and a screw to fix the door lock of your house. The following are the steps that you can follow in repairing a problematic door lock.

The first step, you open the door handle first by removing the screw attached to the door. Remove the locked key inside the door by removing the screw that holds it in place and located inside the lock. Work on key replacements by utilizing new keys of similar size and holes similar to the previous key. After that, you just need to install a new key, by inserting the key in the keyhole on the door. Put the iron rod in the position of the door handle hole. After that, you replace the screws on the lock body. Finally, replace the lock handle with the screw screwed in the position of the hole.

As time goes by, sometimes the Cylinder Key is damaged, or many key ones are gone and so that everyone can bring each key, then we need to replace the cylinder with the new key. Or as an act of guarding or being aware of the malicious intentions of other people to enter the house without the permission of the homeowner, sometimes the old key has been copied by someone else at the key duplicate manufacturing service.

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